The Chronicles of Madison Avenue: A Furiously Feminist Account

I wasn't going to go out on Tuesday night. I had told myself that I needed to rest, have a bit of me-time, you know? This is why I had committed to pre drinks, and pre drinks ONLY. I'd catch up with a couple of mates, go home, binge-watch Arrested Development, or maybe even succumb... Continue Reading →


#NoConfidenceVote – The Account of an Insecure Écrivaine

The ballot boxes are being held up to the members of the South African parliament, proving that they are empty, and thus that the motion of no confidence in Jacob Zuma is not rigged. We have been told that this will be a momentous day in South African History, what with the secret ballot now... Continue Reading →

Books Books Books

I've been on holiday for about 3 weeks now, and have finally been able to settle down and do some reading. What with literature being one of my majors, I hardly have any time to curl up on my rickety wooden single bed, under one of my favourite blankets, and allow myself to be absolutely... Continue Reading →

An Appreciation Post

Yesterday morning, I woke up to the importunate thudding of my digs mate's godforsaken skipping right above my bedroom. Yes. You. You know who you are. "That's it. I need to get out of this house. I need to do something productive with my day." The solitude of the UCT library awaited me, and I... Continue Reading →

“Bloody BA Students!”

It was a warm Autumn day in Cape Town; perfect for an afternoon of pizza-eating and wine-drinking at Kirstenbosch Gardens. I was walking around, making conversation with various clusters of people, wine glass in hand, when I encountered rather a frustrating individual. After having commented on my nose ring and my outfit, he proceeded to... Continue Reading →

Serena Williams and Femininity

I am not sure that I have ever sat through one of Serena Williams's Wimbledon matches without hearing comments from somewhere in the living room that pertain to the body shape of this phenomenal athlete. These comments usually run along the lines of "Her arms are so big", or "She's so manly". These words anger... Continue Reading →

On Catcalling

Today I felt myself grow red in the face, as my blood boiled, and a plethora of possible words and rebukes whizzed around my brain. Did the man who just drove past in his flashy blue Polo expect me to be flattered by his repulsive lip-puckering aimed in my direction? Just a few weeks ago,... Continue Reading →

A Personal Language History

From a very young age, I was a voracious reader. I used to absolutely devour books, one My Secret Unicorn after the other. I remember cuddling up in my bed, with my teddies scattered in a halo around my curled up body, as I read for hours on end, getting up only to go to... Continue Reading →

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